Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Gigapixel Camera

I recently read about a photo camera that takes pictures that are the equivalent of a digital photo that is several gigapixels in size. Unfortunately, I do not know of any gigapixel digital cameras that are available for sale, and I would not be surprised if there will not be one available for several years.

If you are having a hard time comprehending the size of a gigapixel photo, read this excerpt from the Gigapxl.org FAQ which gives an example of the power of this camera. "[With this camera, the] ...facial expressions of an half a stadium of fans can be captured at passport resolution in a single instant as they react to events on the field." Still can't picture the power? Check out these photos of San Diego, as seen from Coronado Island. They take a shot from an island off the San Diego coast, and then show how much detail they can produce. Better close the blinds if you're picking your nose!

To check out the project site, you can visit their site at, http://www.gigapxl.org.

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