Friday, March 16, 2007

A chair that may change the world... or at least the way people sit in it.

There are few inventions that come along that make you think, "that's a great idea," or "I wish I had thought of that." You know, ideas like the iPod, water/ice in the fridge door, or the tagless t-shirt. Such things aren't always earth shattering concepts, but things that you wouldn't want to live without after owning them.

The Trey ChairI sat in a new chair recently that is a great product. The chair is called Trey, and I really think may change the way a lot of people sit. Trey is not only a sharp looking office/desk chair but, as the website states, it is "more than a chair."

Trey can be used as you would would assume, at a desk or conference room table, and it can be separated into different pieces of furniture to give the user many different uses. Don't think of something complex like a Rubik's Cube, think multi functional like MacGuyver's Swiss Army knife.

As a gamer, I think that the best thing about Trey is that it works great for both PC gaming (as a desk chair) and a console gaming chair (as a floor rocker and footstool). Another incredibly smart thing about this chair is that it was designed so that users can sit in it backwards, sideways, or frontwards. If you aren't quite figuring out how one chair can do all of this, you need to watch the video and view their photos on their website:

Update: YouTube videos of Trey

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Jennifer said...

I is one Unique design! And it's comfortable! :)

Way to think "outside the box"!