Friday, July 1, 2005

Friday Fun: Retail Alphabet Game

It's Friday and I'm either in marketing mode, or fun mode. In either case, both apply to this web game. I was out and about, doing my morning web-stroll and I stumbled upon an article on Seth Godin's weblog that discusses a game called "Retail Alphabet Game." The game tests us to see just how many corporate logos we have burned into our minds.
Retail Alphabet Game
The game, called the Retail Alphabet Game, was created by Joey Katzen, who appears to be a freelance graphic artist and web developer. He has several versions of the game available, so check them out and give your memory a good workout. I averaged about 19 out of 26 over four of the tests, so I guess that means that marketers rule my mind. (yikes!) Enjoy your weekend!

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